Turquoise Cluster Earring Accessory

Turquoise stone earrings. Handmade with love!
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R 50,00

Turquoise stone earrings. Handmade with love!

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Grecian Goddess Hippy Head Chain Accessory

Grecian Goddess… Something beautiful to be yourself in.Our head-chains are all handmade with love and care. Each head-chain is completely adjustable and a secure fit is guaranteed on all sizes. Please visit our Facebook page and our Instagram where you will find photos of customers wearing their head-chains from Blossom Accessories. Our Hippy Head-chains are available with either chain or elastic at the back. The chain option features chain at the back and you fasten the head-chain with a standard lobster clasp. It also has an extender chain, which ensures a perfect fit for everyone. Advantages are that it is very adjustable and you don't have to pull the head-chain over your head- you can finish styling your hair and then place the head-chain where you want it and tie it at the back as tight as you need it. The elastic option features black elastic at the back, and you will therefore pull the head-chain on, like you would do with a regular head-band. Advantages are a snug fit and hair can very easily be wrapped around the elastic at the back for a romantic hairstyle. The elastic option is not recommended if you have thick braids or a weave, as it is less adjustable than the chain option.

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Red Feather Earring Accessory

We love these quirky red and silver earrings featuring natural jasper stones and silver metal elements! Handmade with love.

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