How do I order?


You can order all products listed on this website, directly from the website. 

Steps to follow:

1) Underneath each product there is an option to "add to cart". If you are interested in buying an item, click on "add to cart".  Don't worry, this isn't a final purchase yet, you will have time later to edit your cart and remove/add things as it suits your needs and budget.

2) Continue adding products to your cart. To view your cart, click on "view cart" which is an option given to you after each item you add, or simply click on the turquoise circle with cart icon on the right-hand of your screen.

3) Edit your cart as you wish. If you have a coupon code, insert the coupon code when viewing your cart on the left-hand at the bottom of the page.

4) Now click on "checkout". You will be asked if you want to checkout as a guest or whether you would like to register. Registering and checking out as a customer uses the same amount of steps, the advantage of registering as a customer is that you won't have to go through the steps again when you return to our website.

5) Questions you can expect during registration or checkout are very basic things like "Name", "Contact number", "Email address" and "Delivery Address" and this step shouldn't take you longer than 3 minutes. We will never share your information with anyone else.

6)Next you will be asked to choose a delivery option. We offer 4 delivery options. Please see below and also under "Shipping and Returns"


EFT/Direct Payment- When choosing this option, the website will provide you with our banking details. You can then transfer the amount to our account from your online banking or by visiting you bank and doing a payment into our account directly from your bank branch.

*Please remember to send us Proof of Payment to

 8) You are welcome to request a waybill/tracking number which we will gladly forward to you.